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21 Months With NKH

21 months with our Super Jack. 21 months living with NKH (well, minus the 2 months pre-diagnosis). 21 months of fighting back against this horrible disease–medications, keto, lab draws, specialists, therapists, fundraising, researching–with no plans of letting up.

21 months is as good a time as any to start sharing more about our amazing boy and our journey with NKH.

Jack is our hero. He is sweet, tough and brave. He is such a hard-worker and so incredibly resilient. His stubbornness rivals Joe’s. When Jack smiles or laughs, your worries instantly disappear.

This journey with NKH is not exactly what we envisioned for Jack (to put it lightly) but after 21 months, every day is a little easier and every day is cause for celebration.

NKH isn’t stopping Jack and we aren’t stopping until we have a cure.

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